Dreaming of Spring

February 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hi, welcome to our new website!  Apparently this is what happens when I go to work and leave Lester unsupervised.  Taking a brief break from talking about bunnies (okay, this post will wind up still having something to do with bunnies) to muse about spring.  Even after eight-and-a-half winters here I can still convince myself that if it’s sunny outside it might possibly not still be bitterly cold… but it takes a lot of wishful thinking.  Still, there is something right now that makes me think (or hope) that spring is not too terribly far away.  I think it helps that we have some milestones we have recently put in place for the spring – like our trips to New Orleans in March and to Paris in May!  Martha Stewart is also taunting me by sending me her March issue which is all about growing your own vegetable garden.  We are super lucky that our little cottage also has a little garden patch.  See it on the right there in the photo?  Except picture it blanketed at the moment with about two solid feet of perma-snow.  Last year, since we moved in May and had some other stuff going on at the time (like three weddings including our own, and two graduations, and a honeymoon, and starting new jobs), we didn’t get to do much advanced planning for a garden.  It was a pretty impressive jungle of morning glory vines thoroughly tangled around grass and dandelions.  Until one weekend afternoon in a fit of confidence I tore out the whole thing, scrabbling at the roots bit by bit until it lifted off in one giant mat, leaving behind two unexpected tomato vines (which didn’t survive the trauma), one unexpected tomato, and a vaguely prehistoric-looking broccoli tree that went to seed before it, um, broccolified.  We threw in a few things that made it until frost.  But THIS year is going to be different.

Here’s my wish-list:

  • tomatoes
  • more tomatoes
  • and more tomatoes
  • red peppers (no green peppers for me! it’s genetic)
  • lettuce and other greens for salads
  • bok choy? the Chinese grocery store has seed packets… and Lester kind of likes bok choy just a little bit
  • eggplant? maybe I could sneak it in without Lester noticing
  • jalapenos? maybe one little plant since we use about one every three months – too bad you can’t grow chipotles
  • garlic because it’s so much better when it’s fresh and we love us some garlic (I am after all the daughter of my “oh, let’s just add a few more cloves than the recipe calls for” mother)
  • strawberries
  • rosemary (the potted one almost died indoors over the winter)
  • bay (the potted one died indoors over the winter)
  • cilantro for homemade salsa
  • ❤ basil ❤

That’s right, I said it out loud.


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