Cue the level up theme music!

August 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

After the stirring yesterday and being a worry wort about the blazing fast fermentation, I decided to give the wort at least 24 more hours to sit in the primary fermenter before racking it. Given how close it is to a reasonable finishing specific gravity, I debated briefly whether to just transfer it to bottles directly, but I’m aiming for gold here: I want to get as good a taste as possible from this beer. If not, I at least want to familiarize myself with the steps.

Today, still no more bubbles. But each time I opened the exhaust container, I still received a massive whiff of bananas which cleared within a second or two, suggesting to me that the fermentation continues. I rechecked the specific gravity with the hydrometer tonight: 1.016 (corrected for temperature to 1.017).

So it’s still moving, but very slowly. Time to move to the secondary fermenter. It amazes me how much clearing the bubbles changes the SG though. This is what it was before I removed “took off its head.”

Ta da! The beer transferred into its hibernation chamber where it will continue to ferment for at least another two weeks.

Good night, little one.

This is what I separated away from the wort: the stained yeasty battlefield.

And that’s it for now until bottling time.

But wait, what should I do with the wort/brew in the hydrometer flask. Hmm…

Your Local Brew Captain,




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