Our First Original Beer Recipe: The Year of the Rabbit

October 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

It is finally complete! Today is day 14 of bottle conditioning of The Year of the Rabbit, Bunny Hops Brewery’s very first original recipe. I may be biased, but I think it actually tastes good. It’s quite light on the alcohol content: only 3%, which is particularly well-suited for those of the Asian persuasion like myself. I set out to make this beer with the simplest and fewest number of ingredients with the exception of a single secret ingredient: five spice.


Ingredient List:

– Brita filtered water

– US05 Safale Yeast

– Amber liquid malt extract

– Perle Hops (double, for bittering and flavor/aroma)

– Five spice


My philosophy at this time is that in order to really learn the craft of homebrewing, I need to know each ingredient. For example, instead of starting with grains, I need to know how far I can take liquid and dry malt extract. Instead of adding in a huge list of ingredients (for example, a list of a half-dozen crushed grains), I want to know what each ingredient does to the brew before selecting it for recipes of my own.


Here is the profile of the beer at day 14:

Appearance: Clear, reddish-amber, 1 cm head initially, quickly dissolving to light lace around the rim
Smell: Five spice with subtle minty-spicy hops
Taste: Light on the malt, robust five spice flavor blended with the spiciness of the hops
Mouthfeel: Medium body, moderate carbonation; the spice and hops tickles the tongue during the second half of each sip
Overall: Tasty, easy to drink beer. Goes well with stir fry, shabu, and other East Asian foods (speaking from personal experience).


Here’s to making every year the Year of the Rabbit!




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