Our second original recipe: Blackjack

November 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

I have been negligent: I have been drinking homebrew and not sharing it! Well, I have been sharing the homebrew itself, I just haven’t been describing its glory here in the Captain’s Log.

After the success of Year of the Rabbit and its incorporation of spices, I decided to go after another spiced beer that celebrates the coming colder months (after all, WINTER IS COMING). This brew was affectionately named after yours truly: Blackjack, so called because of its signature ingredient, blackstrap molasses.

Blackstrap has this wonderful, deep darkness to it, and it adds a richness without excessive sweetness. The second key ingredient was fresh ginger which we peeled and grated on brewing day.

I won’t detail the brewing process as much for this batch as it followed similar steps to Year of the Rabbit, but this brew was tripled hopped instead of double hopped, and it yielded an unexpected result:

That, matey, is a specific gravity not in the realm of beer, but rather, in the range of wine! The blackstrap apparently also throws its weight around. Once in the fermenter, it enveloped itself in a massive foam blanket and mulled over its dark thoughts.

On bottling day, it yielded a lovely aroma, much like that of a ginger molasses cookie, along with a hefty waft (from the fermenter) of ginger and alcohol that tickled the nose.

The end result after two weeks of bottle conditioning was a very nicely balanced and  hearty homebrew.

Appearance: Opaque, reddish-brown, 2 cm head initially dissolving to light lace
Smell: Ginger, spicy hops
Taste: Moderate to heavy malt, ginger, dark undertone (perhaps from the blackstrap molasses). Moody.
Mouthfeel: Medium-heavy body, moderate carbonation; the ginger tickles the tongue and palate.
Overall: A great night-time beer for socializing, carousing, and singing sea shanties. Rings in at 6.8% alcohol for a fun night ahead.

Yours truly,




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