Sharing the homebrew

November 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

Fall and winter can be a lovely time. Although the cold weather (cold rain, sleet, and Nor’ Easters, in particular) can be uncomfortable and detrimental to all that is happy and good, it also brings people together: typically under a sturdy roof, near a radiator or fireplace, and with good food, drink, and good company. My friend Christine (who is a friend to rabbits, Tsuki and Mochi in particular) and her significant other Dan recently hosted a fall food-themed party to which I brought bottles of Blackjack and Year of the Rabbit. I was pleased that both were big hits: Blackjack in particular is an easy crowd-pleaser, particularly with its strong spice flavor (ginger) and higher alcohol content! Seeing enjoyment in the eyes of others and hearing genuine appreciation for the brew has somehow made the dream more real.

To add to this, I now have an open invitation to join fellow homebrewers Daniel and Chris (aka Slam) on their brewday this Thanksgiving weekend which I am very excited about. Both have more homebrewing experience than myself and have different styles: they are all-grain brewers, and they have also recently acquired a kegging system for more rapid carbonation and enjoyment of the beer! I am eager to see their setup and learn more about the craft. I suspect that unless our setup and situation changes that I will continue to make malt extract and mixed extra-grain homebrews as opposed to all-grain beers (which requires more equipment) and continue to bottle condition (instead of keg, which again requires more equipment but speeds up the process). I am so new to this process that the simple act of opening a bottle of one’s own homebrew still feels very magical to me. I’m guessing it will continue to feel that way for a long time.

That being said, changes abound! New batches of Blackjack and Year of the Rabbit are on their way as the old ones are being rapidly consumed. Blackjack will be made with an extra light malt this time, and Year of the Rabbit is going to be tripled-hopped and also bulked up in malt content. Just in time for the December holidays. And there may be new recipes a-brewin’…

Year of the Rabbit in a pint glass

Last but not least, First Brewmatey Miya made an excellent acquisition recently: new beer glasses! These are faux tulip glasses that hopefully can help hold the head and concentrate the aroma for some of the brews (yes, these were obtained from IKEA). I hope to also acquire a few snifters and more straight pint glasses as time goes on. Here is Blackjack in one of the new glasses:

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