About Us

Miya and Lester are the loving caretakers of two small rabbits and the inhabitants of a small blue cottage in the Shire, a village on the outskirts of a large New England city. This tale is about the seeds of happiness they are planting in that little house and in their life together.

The Shire is a peaceful, leafy green world outside the noise and cares of the big city. Its soil is fruitful. Its inhabitants are fond of eating, especially the two best meals of the day: second breakfast and elevenses.

Tsuki is a Hotot princess with an attitude. She knows what she wants, and she’ll keep stomping her foot until she gets it – literally! Most of the time, though, she is quiet and subtle and may show up next to your shoulder or your feet when you least expect it. She exercises regularly by climbing up and down the stairs to the bedroom of her parents; she plans to take over their bed one day.

Her younger companion, Mochi, is a spry, impulsive Dutch who is full of affection for the world. He frequently runs laps around the living room, and he often finds whatever you are doing to be the most interesting thing ever. Miya and Lester didn’t realize when they were adopting bunnies that they would actually be adopting a cat and a puppy: guess which is which?

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