February 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

The holidays were a particularly special time this year. This is the first time Miya and I were able to spend both Thanksgiving and Christmas together – we have been doing the long-distance thing for the past four years and have typically spent the winter holidays with our respective families (sometimes one of us would spend Christmas with one family and then fly to the opposite end of the country to spend time with the other). But this year, we have started our own family together, and we are beginning our own traditions with many influences and contributions from our parents and siblings! This Christmas, in particular, was a surprise as I was originally scheduled to be working that day, but a kind coworker managed to cover me during that day so that I could spend the holiday with Miya.


For Thanksgiving, we were lucky to have Miya’s brother join us for our festive dinner (on Wednesday, since I was working on Thursday)!



Tsuki in particular adored our Christmas tree – she loved to eat it! (Rather, she would stop at nothing to try and break through our Christmas Tree defense mechanisms to snatch a bite from one of the lower branches).

There were much tastier Christmas trees – made of cookies Miya made.


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